It’s a good thing that I have excellent health insurance…

Because this moronic post gave me cancer.

A House resolution condemning violence against Muslims is not the government restricting freedom of speech. House resolutions are not laws, and are non-binding. They simply express that a certain number of members of the House feel a certain way.

This specific resolution basically says that the House feels that hate crimes against Muslims are bad.

If you’re at the point where you think that a non-binding resolution condemning hate crimes and urging local governments to investigate hate crimes is a bad thing, you need to shut down the computer and step away, because you’re a conspiracist idiot.

The Hindentrump

Another successful Trump business venture!
Another successful Trump business venture!

Redditor Yoinkie2013 explains in detail why a Trump presidency would be a disaster not only for America, but for the whole world. Definitely worth a read!

Even the slightest bit of research into his policies and reforms he will be introducing would convince the average citizen that things would in fact go to shit if he was elected. I feel like a lot of people just look at the face value and consider him a good candidate. The “oh he’s different, he will shake things up” crowd.

First, his proposed American Action forum plan will cost the federal govt. between 400-600 billion dollars, and shrink the labor force by 11 million workers, and reduce the real GDP by nearly $2 trillion dollars. Those are all rough and low estimates. It will heavily impact both supply and demand obviously, and the impact will be felt throughout every industry including those which rely on cheap immigrant labor like the farming industry. A struggling indursty that might be crippled if Trump was elected, and it would never really ever recover. This is not even mentioning the bridges that will be burnt revoking the statuses of millions of good quality workers that are here in the U.S. and declining visa to millions more. The American economy relies on immigrants and it is because of immigrants that America was built and thrived.

You could talk about his other policies as well, like his Tax foundation policy that will reduce taxes(which you probably like), but it would reduce tax revenue’s by $10 trillion plus. The result will be a spooked global market that will result in chaos.

You could also talk about his trade policies and how he will introduce 35% tariffs on importing goods. The result could be that we buy more American made things, but of course the American market will already be hurt by his immigration policy. So the actual result will be just americans paying 35% more taxes on goods they already intend to buy. That new car you were planning on spending $20,000 on now costs you $27,000.

But the real issue, the real chaos will be a result of who Trump is. He burns bridges in almost any business deal he does, imagine trusting that kind of man to do business with international parties. He gets offended by tweets by civilians and attacks them in a childish manner. What if a leader of China(or any other country) says one negative thing about him? You trust that man to act in a civil manner and make the best decision for your country? Or is it most likely that he will act like the childish moron he is and burn bridges with Countries, causing broken relationships, trade negotions, and alliances.

Honestly, I don’t know how a single educated American could vote for that man. It’s not even that he’s a racist bigot, its not that he’s a terrible business man, it’s not that he over reacts and is childish… it’s mostly that he’s an awful human being.